Billion Token NFT Reflection System

All buy-backs and burns done so far by the rNFT system:

# BLL burned Date Transaction

How is the rNFT System working?

Billion Token rNFT is the first of its kind, a reward system exclusive for $BLL holders only. Anyone holding any amount of Billion Token will automatically benefit from NFT reflections simply by holding $BLL. These rewards will come from different platform-independent NFT pools affiliated with Billion Token and will directly drive the value of $BLL as part of an automated buyback-and-burn mechanism.

Update: rNFT successfully tested and launched on the 10th of September 2021. The rNFT bot will buy back BLL and burn regularly. With rNFT all BLL holders will profit from the income of the BLL NFT collections, like luxurypunks.

Can I burn my BLL or ETH through the rNFT system?

If you would like to donate some of your BLL or ETH to the rNFT system, you can send ETH or BLL to the rNFT contract: 0x0842BBC13494C7686903483eFc808F99a413501e

During the next rNFT run, all donated ETH or BLL in this contract will be swapped to BLL and burned.

Do not send your BLL to the black hole (0x00000 address) directly! rNFT will reduce the total supply of the BLL contract.

rNFT is part of the Billion Token (BLL) coin project. For more information go to the BLL homepage.